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About the Blockage and Prevention of Concrete Pump Delivery Pipe

1.What are the reasons for the blocking phenomenon? There are three main reasons.

Regarding management issues, there are mainly three reasons for the intermittent time being too long, the speed is fast, and the influence of temperature is not fully considered.

1. The intermittent time is long, the concrete has reached the initial setting state in the pipe, and the subsequent pumping is blocked and the pipe is blocked.

2. The speed is not suitable for the first pumping, and the friction inside the pipeline is too large, which causes the pipe to be blocked.

3. The influence of temperature is not fully considered, the water evaporates vigorously, freezes, and pipe blockage occurs.

2.Regarding material issues. There are three main aspects: too large aggregate size, segregation of concrete, and improper control of remaining material.

1. Improper configuration of large-particle aggregates. Larger aggregates cause low fluidity of concrete and cause pipe blockage.

2. In the mixed concrete, the large and small aggregates are not completely covered by the cement slurry, the cementing effect cannot be fully exerted, and the dispersion of the aggregates is prone to bleeding. Therefore, an effective lubricating film is not formed, resulting in aggregate and The friction of aggregates, aggregates and catheters has increased dramatically.

3. The amount of remaining material is lower than the agitating shaft, causing a large amount of air to be sucked in, resulting in pipe blockage.

3.Regarding equipment issues. It mainly includes two aspects: the leakage of the catheter and the incomplete cleaning of the catheter.

1. If the sealing of the conduit is too poor, slurry leakage will occur. The leakage of cement slurry will reduce the overall fluidity of the concrete in the conduit and increase the friction.

2. The pipe is not cleaned immediately after the pumping, which will cause excessive accumulation of concrete residue in the pipe over time and poor patency, which will inevitably affect the pumping.

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